At the Emerald Nook in 
a far far corner of the Galaxy, ... !

Shedding Light on  Film

Helping viewers  to garner their inner light
and  shine!

A frontier opened up, and here we are. My aim?
To elucidate you on what's new and up-and-coming in film and all that is the genre.

I am also here to help you keep up, clean up, and dream up new avenues and venues of being!

The site is language friendly; we  strive  to offer new turns of phrase and the means and ways to increase your child's or another's vocabulary.

Come. Enter. Soar. Explore!

The world awaits you , as do I ... as do we :)
  1. Writing Product Reviews
    Product Consultant
  2. Writing Press Releases
    Pressed for Time?
  3. Writing Wedding Speeches
    A Bio and Photo will do before you say "I do".
  4. Edit Proposals
    Dotting the i's, j's, and t's is the way to go with these babies.
  5. Edit Papers
    You can never be too careful when it comes to that final grade or defense!
  6. Edit Portfolios
    Put your best foot, face, and font forward; it might be the only chance you get.
  7. A course in writing essays
  8. A course in analysing literature
  9. A course in technical writing

E-mail me


Step I :

  • Provide me with a description of the project, the deadline, and target audience. 
  • Place your last name, then first name in the subject line of the e-mail and the project title (e.g., Edit Portfolio).

Step II:

  • I will reply with my quote for the project. Depending on the number of other projects I have on the table, I will take your project if you take my offer, or I will refer you to a colleague if one is available for your project.