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A Log of Mind Motion


  1. The Next Film on Our List: The Open
    25 Apr, 2017
    The Next Film on Our List: The Open
    The Open (2015) Sci-Fi (Surrealism), Drama Length: 103 minutes Director: Marc Lahore Writers: Marc Lahore Non sequitur, or does it? Kubrick meets Antonioni! by Carline Romain Director-Writer Marc Lahore presents viewers with a playful yet serious layered absurdist tragi-comedic  text rife with word play (such as double entendre-- “What’s your rank, Soldier?” posed by Andre to ascertain Ralph’s WTA ranking), malaprops, and irony and that much like the fine line  that separates the amateur
  2. Senn (2013)
    23 Apr, 2017
    Senn (2013)
    Senn (2013) Sci-Fi, Mystery, Adventure Length: 84 minutes Director: Josh Feldman Writers: Josh Feldman, Britton Watkins Version 10: Boy-gets-Girl intertwined with Ascension-to-Self forms the basis of this fantastic post-apocalyptic dystopian off-world drama. The film, shot primarily from the vantage point of POV, Cut-ins, and Cut-aways intermingled with Still shots foretells of a world seemingly dominated by a Far Eastern possibly infantile totalitarian militaristic corporate construct.