At the Emerald Nook in 
a far far corner of the Galaxy, ... !

Shedding Light on  Film

Helping viewers  to garner their inner light
and  shine!

A frontier opened up, and here we are. My aim?
To elucidate you on what's new and up-and-coming in film and all that is the genre.

I am also here to help you keep up, clean up, and dream up new avenues and venues of being!

The site is language friendly; we  strive  to offer new turns of phrase and the means and ways to increase your child's or another's vocabulary.

Come. Enter. Soar. Explore!

The world awaits you , as do I ... as do we :)
Several years back, a student who had just started to pursue higher education implored me to write a blog. I simply couldn't at the time.
Now, I can.
So, here I am.
I have taught for over 26 years.
I write in many styles; for this enterprise, the writing will be a tad literary but fun.
I teach creative writing when I can.
I just love teaching. Period.
I believe in sharing knowledge. 
Just give me credit if and when you use my content.
I love to freelance.
People like my work because I get them, listen, feel them, actually care, and help them solve their issues.

This site is for you and your daughter. For  Ami y Vale!
Thank you for your suggestion.
You were the first, so to you and your successors: Thank you.

I did listen.
I do listen.